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5 Easy Home Interior Design Tips for 2019 autumn

5 Easy Home Interior Design Tips for 2019 autumn

Fall is just around the corner, and home interior decorators are gearing up to welcome the season. It will soon be time for apples, pumpkins, and wreaths too. But not only that, autumn is the perfect time to turn your interior space into a modern and inviting environment.

So, how do you plan to decorate your home for autumn 2019?  Here are five easy home interior design tips to get you started.

Oversized florals

Florals on a whole are great to use during autumn. Nothing is more beautiful than having some oversized floral designs on your cushions, bedding, and murals. Cover your floor lamps with floral coverings and keep the rest of the room simple.

Use bold shapes in bright colors

The use of bold shapes is a happy interior design trend and is ideal for fall 2019. Buy bold accessories in different shapes. To create a stunning look, combine different shapes such as stripes, and geometrical. Geometrical patterns are always trendy and will give your room a unique, modern, and fresh appearance.

Use old fashioned pink

Remember those popular rustic look that you usually see during autumn? Well, old fashioned pink is the perfect contrast to use with these rustic designs. Combine shades of pink with metallic grey, contemporary grey, or dark neutrals to get a popping effect.

Update your furniture design

Update your living room, bedroom or family room with curved and rounded shapes furniture. Curved sofas, like the one here, have many advantages. For instance, they are conversational pieces, they add harmony and order to the room, and are great for snuggling up during autumn. Enhance the visual effect of your sofa with one or two throw pillows from Mantra Furnishings.

Include autumn scents

When thinking about how to decorate for the 2019 fall, don’t forget to include some autumn scents. Add a little pumpkin spice or aromatic cider to set the scene for a cozy autumn afternoon. Use scented candles that have an earthy aroma like musk or wood. Choose the right scent for every room in your home to get the feel of fall.

Key Takeaways

When doing your interior decorating for autumn 2019, use oversized florals and bold shapes in bright colors. Consider using round or curved sofas to ignite conversations and remember to use the scents of autumn.

Do you need help with your interior decorating for 2019 autumn? Our Ambassadors at Mantra Home Furnishings Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are ready to assist you. Contact us at 954 925 2900 or send us an email at   

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How to Decorate Your Living Room with Unique Accessories

How to Decorate Your Living Room with Unique Accessories

When it comes to using accessories in your living room avoid using mass produce items. And, do not go overboard, either. Using fewer accessories is always better than using more. Use one unique piece, like this Vanity Fair candle holder, in the available space rather than several pieces that have no real value.

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5 Benefits of Shopping at High-end Furniture Stores

5 Benefits of Shopping at High-end Furniture Stores


Your actions, your wardrobe, and your speech are expressions of your personality, and so is your home. The only difference is that you cannot change your home décor as often as you can change everything else.

Therefore, when shopping for furniture be deliberate and make shopping at high-end furniture stores your priority.

Here are five benefits that you will reap when you shop at high-end furniture stores.

You will get high-quality luxury furnishings that are long lasting

In high-end furniture stores, you will find quality luxury furnishings that are long lasting. While it may be tempting to buy bargain furniture for your home décor, high-quality furniture will retain its good looks far longer than bargain furniture.  Moreover, you can pass down quality wood furniture to future generations.

You will enjoy professional interior designer service

When you visit an upscale furniture store, you will enjoy the services of professional interior designers. These designers will advise you about the best color scheme and help you to choose the right type of furniture. They will also make sure that you avoid costly mistakes.

You can customize your furniture décor

The beauty of shopping at a high-end furniture store is that you can customize your furniture. Usually, these furniture stores carry more than what is displayed in their showroom. For example, they have more fabrics and many different wood pieces that can help with your furniture customization.

You will receive VIP treatment

Furniture stores that depend on high-volume sales do not have the time to give each customer their undivided attention. However, in a high-end furniture store, you get the VIP treatment. Whatever your needs, whether if it’s a design need or simply consultation need, someone is always ready to assist.  Customer service at upscale furniture stores is exceptional and you will enjoy the luxury surroundings while you shop in comfort.

You will appreciate the feel and look of the luxury furnisher

Only when you can see and feel quality furnishing that you will be able to appreciate the beauty of meticulous upholstery.  High-end furnisher stores provide you with an opportunity to learn and appreciate unique fine furniture and décor.

Key Takeaways

When you shop at high-end furniture stores, you will have long lasting furniture, you will get VIP treatment, you can customize your furniture, interior designers will assist you, and you will learn to appreciate luxury furnishing.

Shop at Mantra Home Furnishings Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach for your high-end furniture. Our Ambassadors are ready to assist you. You can also contact us at 954 925 2900 or send us an email at

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How to Use Decorative Sculptures to Upgrade your Home Interior

How to Use Decorative Sculptures to Upgrade your Home Interior

When it is time to upgrade your home interior these four things are always foremost on your mind:

  • changing paint
  • changing furniture
  • changing wallpaper
  • changing drapes

Isn’t it? However, did you know that decorative sculptures are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home interior?  In fact, using decorative sculptures for interior decorating can give depth and dimension to any room.  No matter what shape, size, or form, decorative sculptures will always make a statement.

Here a few tips on how to use decorative sculptures to upgrade your home interior.

·      Place decorative sculptures on the floor or on a pedestal

One of the easiest ways to add some drama and to grab attention in a room is with a pedestal. Moreover, the best way to display small pieces of sculpture, like this fossil one, is on a pedestal. Place larger pieces at focal points on the floor. When using pedestals choose the right pedestal design!

·      Decorate bookshelves with sculptures

Turn your bookshelf into a stunning display by adding pieces of decorative sculptures. These may be small or large; it all depends on your style and preference. However, mismatch smaller pieces placed towards the front will command attention.


·      Use Decorative Sculptures on Kitchen Counters

Don’t underestimate that empty space on your kitchen counter. If you are planning to buy decorative sculptures for your kitchen counter, choose attention-getting pieces like these small Kima Ring Sculptures. These will surely add some flavor to your kitchen decor and, of course, your guests will look in awe!

Here are some bonus tips:

  • do not go overboard with your sculpture designs,
  • give your sculpture room to breathe,
  • avoid placing them behind busy backgrounds,
  • give them plenty of light,
  • don’t let them impede the flow of traffic.

Now, go ahead and start shopping around for those decorative pieces of sculptures.

Key Takeaways

Changing wallpapers, drapes, or paint colors, are not the only way to spice up your home interior. No matter what shape, size, or form, adding decorative sculptures to your home interior will always make a statement.

Are you searching for decorative sculptures? Or, do you need help with your interior design project? Our Mantra Home Furnishings ambassadors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are ready to assist. Please contact us at 954 925 2900 or send us an email at

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3 Tips for Buying Unique Outdoor Furnisher

3 Tips for Buying Unique Outdoor Furnisher

Outdoor spaces and patios call for relaxation, outdoor activities, and lots of laughter. Therefore, you need to have some unique outdoor furnisher to match your mood.

When buying outdoor furnisher keep these 3 tips in mind.

Decide what style of furnisher you want to buy

You can buy unique outdoor furnisher in different styles. For example, you can choose from ethnic furnisher, inlay furniture or transitional furniture style.

If you cannot decide what your style is, look at the furniture you already own. Take note of the color, shape, and texture and this will help you to decide on the furniture style to buy.

Whatever style you choose, make sure it adds value to your home décor.

Decide on material

The weather and the amount of care your outdoor furnisher will need are the two things that can help you to decide on the type of material to buy.

Your outdoor furniture will suffer from the effects of the weather, so think wisely. Obviously, you do not want to buy your outdoor furnisher in a material that will not stand up to the weather conditions. Likewise, the amount of care the material needs is also an important factor.

Teak, resin, and aluminum materials do not really need much attention. Outdoor furniture made from wrought iron are durable and can resist heat. Bear in mind though that metal, iron, and steel are prone to rust and corrosion. Natural wood furniture is also a great choice.

Make Your Outdoor Furnisher Comfortable

Your outdoor furnisher is for relaxation so make your outdoor furnisher comfortable.  

Recliners, daybeds, chaise lounges or even hammocks are great for relaxing.

Buy cushions and pillows for extra comfort, and make sure that you choose a good quality fabric that will not fade away. In cooler months put them away so that they maintain their beauty.

Here are some extra outdoor furnisher tips:

  • Decide how much you want to spend
  • Decide where you will place your furniture
  • Decide how much space you need
  • Decide if you have enough storage space

Let’s Wrap Up

When buying outdoor furnisher think about style, material, budget, space, and comfort.

Our Mantra Home Furnishings ambassadors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach can assist you when you are ready to choose unique outdoor furnisher. Please contact us at 954 925 2900 or send us an email at

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Guide to Buying Furniture

Guide to Buying Furniture

Buying a piece of furniture plays a major role in how comfortable one feels at home.

While this realization can make choosing a piece of furniture challenging, it is important. The fact is that every piece of furniture serves its own purpose and having the right piece will highlight your lifestyle.

Moreover, while there is no wrong way of designing a home, it does not hurt to get a little guide. Here are some things you should know about buying different pieces of furniture:

·      Buying a Sofa

A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the right piece. Choose a sofa with a statement fabric and one that satisfies your personal sense of style.

Also, make sure that the sofa you choose is within your budget and that you get the right quality. Our sofas here, at Mantra Furnishings, will give your home a high-end appeal because they are made from the finest material.  

·      Buying a Bed

Although a bed should be comfortable to facilitate a good night’s sleep, it should also provide a focal point for the bedroom.  So, when buying a bed look beyond comfort and buy one that you genuinely love.

Beds are available in any size, shape, and height. It’s up to your personal taste. For instance, you can buy a king size bed, a queen size bed, or a convertible sleeper, depending on your needs.

·      Buying a Table Lamp

A table lamp is a piece of accessories that goes beyond adding light to a room. It serves as a center of attraction. In addition, since they are available in different shapes and sizes you can dress up your room in style.

Our Anastasia table lamp and Moulin table lamp from Oly Studio are set in cast resin. These lamps will add a touch of elegance to your room.

Another wonderful thing about table lamps is that you can switch around the shades to match the occasion. However, remember to choose the appropriate bulb and wattage.

Do You Want to Learn More About Buying Furniture?

Our Mantra Home Furnishings ambassadors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are ready to help with your design project. If you want more information about buying furniture, just contact us at 954 925 2900 or send us an email at

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How to Create an Amazing Outdoor Eclectic Décor

How to Create an Amazing Outdoor Eclectic Décor

There is always something special about spending time outdoors, and the time of year to enjoy the outdoors is fast approaching.

So, why not design a creative eclectic backyard?  It’s all about harmonizing colors, shapes, and different furniture in a cohesive manner.  In addition, when it comes to purchasing unique outdoor furnisher, Mantra Furnishings has a wide collection that will improve your decorating ideas. Our trending concepts makes it easy for you to design an eclectic look for your backyard.

Here is a basic guide on how to create an amazing outdoor eclectic décor that will mesmerize your guests.

·       Buy and Combine Different Pieces

Resist the urge to buy a whole set. Instead, buy different styles. You can mix and match contemporary and transitional furniture to create the perfect look.  If you are hesitant because you have always followed the rule, do not worry – you will still keep things together.

Combine different style of accent chairs. For instance, you can combine Lee Industries Shin toaster accent chair with the Agave outdoor swivel chair. Mixing up different pieces is always very stylish.

·    Use Accessories

Add personality to your outdoor space. Use this exquisite white marble round jali table as a side table, and place some mix and match silver along with the Mantra brand hand carved marble urli on top.

Spice up your outdoor space even further with some plants. Use your unconventional jars as planters and add some extra ambiance with teal lights.

Use decorative sculptures to convey your personal aesthetic.

White Marble Jali Table

·      Use colors

Consider using bright blooms such as bougainvillea and other colorful shrubs. Also, mix and match your pillow and cushion covers.

If you are considering laying bricks on the patio, use a spiral shape formation to add texture and visual interest.

We want to hear from you

We are curious to know how you will decorate your outdoor space. If you have other tips, do not hesitate to share them with us.

If you need help with your design project, our Mantra Home Furnishings ambassadors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are ready to help. Please contact us at 954 925 2900 or send us an email at

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3 Advantages of Using Natural Wood Furniture

3 Advantages of Using Natural Wood Furniture

If you are looking to give your home a contemporary look then natural wood furniture is the best choice.

When it comes to natural wood furniture, the options are endless because they are available in various styles and designs. Furthermore, natural wood can transform the mood of any room to make it more welcoming and relaxing.

Here are three advantages of using natural wood furniture for your home décor.

·       Classic Look

Unlike other furnishers, natural wood furnisher has a classic and timeless look. This look will always be in style. Natural wood with its fascinating grains and patterns also creates a natural atmosphere inside.

In addition, when it comes to adding charm and dignity into the room, natural wood will bring about such an effect.

·      Durability and Strength

If you are looking longevity from your furniture, then wood is a perfect choice. Natural wood is durable and is easy to maintain. Waxing and polishing are only necessary occasionally. Otherwise, a simple dusting will do.

·      Versatility

Unlike other materials, natural wood will stand out in any settings and can be a part of any design scheme. You can use any wood to enhance your room, whether it be natural pine or natural walnut.

And of course, you can use natural wood that is treated to withstand exposure to the elements outdoors too. Natural wood furniture that is made from timber and pine also look marvelous in outdoor settings.

Are you a Designer?

Contact any of our Mantra Home Furnishings ambassadors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach at 954 925 2900 or send us an email at to learn more about natural wood furniture.

Natural wood is aesthetically appealing and the advantages of having natural wood furniture in your home cannot be overstated.

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